Five Creative Craft Business Ideas for New Entrepreneurs

It can be a bit daunting for new entrepreneurs to start a business. For some, it can be a hard task as finding or creating a business doesn’t happen in just a matter of days. And here come’s craft businesses which is a pretty neat alternative for starters. So what’s with the buzz with craft businesses anyway?

Craft businesses don’t take too long to begin since the process is just like a walk in the park depending on the business. Scouting for a craft business online and you can find myriad of employers looking for someone to help them with their craft business. But before anything else, you have to check if the startup costs are affordable enough for newbies like you. Second, you need to evaluate yourself if you have the skills to do such a business.

To make things a little clearer, here are 3 key points before you start doing craft businesses:

  • Make sure that you are skillful enough to do such business
  • Check if there is a large demand for the craft business you are planning to enter in
  • See if the startup cost is affordable enough for you to handle alone

Without further ado, here are our top five craft businesses that you’ll surely love.

Craft Book Publishing

With myriads of fictional and non-fiction writers publishing books in a year, there’s always room for a creative crafty book brand that you can self-publish yourself. Finding a niche is easy, but you have to mind the startup costs of publishing it as well.

Selling Children’s Toys

If you’re fond of kids, then selling toys for them might just be for you. There are plenty of materials you can use to create one with plastic being the most popular of them all. If you want to go unique, then you can use wood to make such toys. Making these toys for yourself in bundled form you’ll save plenty of cash for startup costs.

3D Printing

The demand for innovation and technology has been rising up every year. One of these piece of tech is 3D printing, which most innovators and inventors are relying on when it comes to prototypes. You can get your own 3D printer for about $250 dollars and start your business. There’s a wide range of objects that you can 3D print such as toys, mechanisms, miniature statues, and the like. If you have good marketing skills, you can use this advantage to advertise your 3D printed masterpiece and sell it.

Jewelry Selling

The startup cost for selling jewelry might be a bit over the top since you will be dealing with the jewelry itself, the place, and marketing. You can get started for as low as $500 covering all of these. However, your income will depend on the type and quality of the jewelry. You can sell it cheap that looks straight out from the dollar store, or you can sell it at a competitive price that washes off the other brands.

Fashion/Sewing Business

If you have the talent to create unique clothing designs, then it’s time to use this to your advantage and earn some cash. The demand for clothing is booming, especially for girls who like to shop until they drop just for the sake of #OOTD. You have to keep in mind the startup costs before anything else, since different fabric also comes with different prices. Not to mention, the sewing machine you’re going to use and the place of the shop as well. Additionally, you have to keep check of the marketing cost too if you’re going to advertise your creations on social media.