Earn Fast with These Five Easy Woodworking Projects

You know what they say about never do anything you’re good at for free? That is completely true. So if you’re passionate about something and are good at it, don’t be afraid to milk some wallets to earn some cash. Woodworking is another hobby that can be transformed into a personal business.

There are plenty of woodworking crafts around and listed below are five of them that you can do to earn money. Keep in mind that these woodworking jobs will depend on the skills you have as a woodworker. What might be suitable for you might not be suitable for others and the other way around. Without further ado, let’s have a look at them.

Crafting Children’s Toys

Wherever you go, there’s always a demand for children’s toys. Unless if it’s an irresponsible parent who just gave their kids iPhone and iPads at such an early age. Wooden children’s toys such as puzzles, building blocks, and tic-tac-toe boards are on the rise because they are safer and cheaper than plastic ones. So if you’re a creative person and has the skill to make children’s toys, then go for it.

Wooden Boxes

People love to keep wooden boxes. It is to make their belongings, especially smaller ones such as keys and stuff, more organized and less cluttered. So if you have a few wooden planks lying around, then use them to create small wooden boxes and sell it.

Floating Wine Bottle Holders

This one can be a bit tricky because you have to measure the exact angle of the wood for the bottle to be balanced. Once you get the hang of it, let gravity do its thing and behold! You have yourself a floating wine bottle holder that you can sell. Additionally, you can also let your creative mind work and create different variants as well so that your buyers have options to choose from.

Wooden Candle Holders

Ceramic and glass candle holders tend to break easily. That’s why wooden candle holders are the best alternative for that. Everyone will love owning a wooden candle holder to add a little bit of romantic touch into their dining table or rooms. Just like wine holders, let your creativity sparkle so you can create different design and variants as well.

iPad Stands

Traditional iPad stands are a thing of the past. Wooden iPad stands are the real deal! Wooden ones are durable, sturdier than those company-manufactured ones. Tired of holding your iPad while watching your favorite Netflix series? Just snap on that wooden iPad stand and you’re good to go! Wooden iPad stands are easy to create and it doesn’t take too much time. All you need to do is measure the dimensions of the bottom of an iPad and start from there. You can easily make these wooden iPad stands in batches and sell it to the masses for easy money.