Jobs For Losers


All of our want to earn money! However, these days, you either have to have a high education or spend day and night working to make money. Although many of us are lucky enough even to have a job.But, the thing is, the best job won’t always get you the most money, while the position that offers the most money isn’t always the most suitable option for you. One feature that determines what job some person will choose or not is how prestigious the position is. Or, in other words, whether they are jobs for losers.

To break it downs, a loser job is usually the one people tends to underestimate. But, can these jobs make you appear as a loser? Well, not really, and we are going to clarify some of the misconceptions.


In this case, you don’t need any type of formal education or degree, but you can earn a lot of money. A longshoreman is a man or woman who loads and unloads shipping crates at docks.
On the other hand, if you are afraid of the water, don’t worry, you aren’t on the boat. However, it involves a lot of labor, but a bit of work never killed anyone.

So, how much money you will be earning here? Well, it’s between $70.000 -$250.000. However, this job has a couple of downsides, and it’s the reason why the money is so good. First of all, you are dealing with heavy crates and advanced machinery. Therefore, it’s not exactly a safe place to work when a two-ton container is hanging over your head.

Airport luggage concierge

The luggage concierge is the person who checks your luggage at the airport, regardless of whether there is a fee linked to that, or you are just using the services of an airline company, which includes checking the bags.

If you travel light and only use a backpack, then this position might not seem too appealing. On the other hand, if you travel vast distances, carrying tons of bags, especially with delicate items, a luggage concierge is indispensable.

While this position doesn’t offer great hourly rates, you can earn a lot of money through tips, somewhere between $75.000 and $100.000 per year. Of course, if you find yourself in a small, and not so busy airport, then money won’t be the same. Therefore, if you are looking to work in the airline industry, then this is a much better position than being a pilot, at least more realistic.

Diving for golf balls

Yes, you read it correctly, there is actually this job position. In fact, you can earn great money. Additionally, this employment offers plenty of benefits, for instance, you don’t need a degree, you are improving the environment, and you are channeling your inner adventure spirt. On top of that, golf divers make nearly $100.000 annually.Every year, almost millions of golf balls disappear in waters, and it’s simply how the game it is. Considering players don’t want to lose money on golf balls, they also don’t want to chase or search them in the water. In that case, golf balls are lost forever.

freelance-writing-jobs-for-beginners-e1572474297459That’s why divers are so beneficial. They pull out the used balls and sell them to golfers. On the other hand, this job is similar to any other self-employment. Therefore, if you don’t catch any balls, no one will pay you.However, if you can retrieve golf balls, then it’s basically free money. Moreover, you are preserving the environment. This job can also be hazardous since you could meet all kinds of creatures beneath.