Ten Home-Based Businesses for Starters

If doing business outside your home is not your cup of tea, then online businesses might just be for you. Doing business at home allows you to have freedom over your time compared to doing business outside. Additionally, you don’t also need to worry what kind of attire to wear for the day. Which means you can work with your pajamas on the moment you wake up.

Thanks to technology, online businesses have made it easier for people who want to earn income at the heart of their own homes. Without further ado, listed below are ten home-based businesses you’ll surely love to try on.

Virtual Assistant

The most popular online business today is probably a virtual assistant. However, being a virtual assistant takes time and patience since being one means answering emails, handling reports, communicating with clients, and other online office related duties. If you do well on this job, you will be promoted to a higher tier VA where you get a much bigger payroll and much bigger tasks to do.


If you’re keen on speaking and writing multiple languages, then being a translator might be the perfect online job for you. There has been a high demand for translators these days, especially on countries where English is not their primary language.

Web Designer

Online, you can find plenty of employers looking for IT professionals to build their websites. So if you have to skills to create one, then don’t hesitate to apply for this online job. Or better yet, you can start your own web design online company to begin with. And if you’re successful, you can hire more people to help you out.

Virtual Tutor/Teacher

If being a teacher in your city is not your thing, then you can try teaching online as an alternative instead. Online teaching is on the roll these days, especially for English teachers. Companies such as 51talk is a good example for this which is getting popular in the Philippines. On the other hand, there are also traditional tutors that travels to a student’s home for a one-on-one session.

Freelance Writer

If you have good skills on writing, then being a freelance writer is the best suited job for you. This is suited for people who have good English writing skills. Most freelance writers earn not more than $30,000 dollars which is still a sweet deal if you’re looking for easy money.


You can also work as an independent consultant as well if you’re an established expert in this field. Being a consultant involves a lot of things such as digital marketing, home design, and the like. The salary will also depend on how well you perform as a consultant and will gradually grow as soon as you cater more clients.

Pet Sitting

For animal lovers, you can also apply as a pet-sitter. However, it doesn’t mean that you have to be with the animal for a full 24/7. Most of the time, pet owners will leave their pets to you for half a day or so. This job also involves driving to buy them their pet food, or going outside to take their pets for a walk. If you love animals, then this job is the one for you.

Repair Service

If you’re an expert on fixing a lot of things ranging from appliances down to electronic devices. Then being a repairman is the one for you. Remember, if you’re good at something, never do it for free. You can either let customers bring their devices to you at your home, or you’re the one going to their home to fix their devices. Salary for this one will base on the type of appliance or electronic device you’re fixing.


Online, bookkeeping can be a daunting task to do since you will be serving large quantity of business owners who are in dire need of bookkeepers. On the other hand, home-based bookkeepers can service smaller clients without the need of an accounting staff which is easier.


Families where both parents are busy with their business needs someone to take care of their baby. That’s why there is a high demand on daycare in the market these days. If you have the money, you can transform your home into a daycare center. Keep in mind that there will be special fees that you have to pay such as an insurance and state license which can cost up to $50,000.