Transformational Leadership Pros And Cons

Transformational Leadership Pros And Cons

Theories of leadership have slowly evolved through decades, going from one form to another, while each one of them have their own line of thoughts. Additionally, they have various models of efficiency while managing different business environments.

One of these theories involves transformational leadership, which is considered to be more humane, unlike the others. In short, this theory inspires workers or employees to perform a great job while they follow their leader’s personality as an example.

For that reason, in this article, we will discuss some transformational leadership pros and cons and see how you can apply them to your business.


It allows you to formulate vision quickly and efficientlyThis approach is quite different from other leadership styles since it’s able to quickly assess a company’s or organization’s current situation and create a new vision for its development, growth, and improvement.

Transformational leaders discuss their ideas with other leaders in their organization and pass them further to employees, to get everyone on board. In this case, together, they can deal with challenging situations, since everyone can see the big picture.

It entices enthusiasm

This particular leadership model can create an enthusiastic business environment and make the company adopt new changes and innovations. Considering various individuals are working together, this particular model can guarantee a high level of efficiency and determination to complete one task.

It inspires people

Inspiration is a significant part of any business, and transformational leadership further motivates and inspires people. In other words, passion is a common trait that ensures transformational leaders to get their team members to optimize and boost performance.

When you are dealing with challenging tasks, or company is going through some rough time, the leaders will depend on a passion for helping them sell their vision and get all employees on board, while heading towards a common direction.


It is famous for serious challenges

Transformational leaders are well known for their motivation and inspiration, as well as visons. For that reason, at times, they might struggle with orientation. A lot of experts indicate that these types of leaders require additional support from more organized and detail-oriented individuals, which means that other assistants, team members, and even other executives help maintain the normal functioning of the company or organization.

Together, they all ensure that leaders move in the right direction.

Might not have a clear picture of truth and reality

A lot of experts noted that transformational leaders end up depending much on passion and emotions. In that case, they often overlook the facts and reality. This over-dependence usually restricts their focus as well as willingness to engage in relevant research, as well as reasoning, to face potential harsh truths about the current situation within the company.
Transformation leaders can abuse the position

WorkingLet’s be honest; this type of job is quite powerful, while it doesn’t often follow moral codes used for the common good. We have common examples such as Osama bin Laden and Adolf Hitler, who used their power to affect masses and impose their leadership.

Companies and organizations that utilize transformational leadership want to achieve positive changes, considering they motivate followers and set up long-term and short-term goals. A transformational leader with his team takes a particular interest in work, as well as the development of the company.

Although this approach seems appealing, it also comes with a couple of cons. Therefore, if you plan to apply this form of leadership to your business, you should weigh all advantages and disadvantages, since they can significantly affect your organization. Additionally, pay attention to the person you are planning to hire since it has to possess certain types of skills beneficial for your company.